For Sale Dunes CC Seating Chips Freeroll Giveaway for Newbies (1 Viewer)

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Jun 23, 2019
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I just found these in a drawer and always wanted to do one of these freeroll holdem giveaways!

Win: 1 set (10 chips) of Apache Dunes CC seating chips ($500 relabled with Gear labels). Seats 1-10 on one side and non-denom on the other sides.

  • At least 1 positive Feedback
  • Reaction Score of at least 25
  • Must be a member less than 1 year
  • Must have a US shipping address (sorry, I don't want to deal with more international shipping than I have to right now)
Entry: Just reply "in" or anything similar below by the cutoff of Sunday April 19th 11:59 EST. One entry per person.

Drawing: Sometime on Monday 4/20 morning I will compile a list of all people who indicate they are "in", eliminate duplicate entries, and then use to select 8 people to "sit" at a table of NLHE. I will check to confirm all selected players meet eligibility requirements at that point and then redraw their seat if necessary. Seat #1 will be the first of those selected to have posted and seat #2 the second person and so on. You will play a game of NLHE with everyone all-in preflop which I will deal the cards. Chops will result in additional hand with chopping players until a final winner. Final winner wins the seating chips.


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