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Oct 1, 2022
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Evans, Ga.
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I started this hobby several years ago and bought mostly on PCF. But I have a disease where I take up a hobby (usually expensive), get bored with it and move on to another hobby, usually expensive. In this case chips have been replaced by watch repair. You can see a couple of "movements" in the background of the 1st image.

I have mostly barrels of chips and for starters I'm offering Dunes that are in really good condition. All stand on edge and have sharp corners & good, clean faces. I don't know if it's mint or near mint or what but I have pictures attached. If anybody wants a close-up I can use the microscope I bought for the watch hobby and zoom in to absurd levels.

All of these chips were bought on PCF. If anybody wants I'll PM the seller since I do not believe I've actually sold anything myself so at first blush I don't have a selling track record, but I do have the names of a lot of sellers I've purchased from in the past 2 years.

Here's what I have:

64 $5
24 $25
23 $100
1 each of baccarat $500, $1000, $5000 (these are a bit larger as I assume most people know)

If I did my math right that should equal 114 chips. I really don't know what they're worth so I'll off them at what I paid, $10 each or $1,140 plus $20 shipping (flat rate medium size box). I'll pay for any insurance over what the USPS baseline. US only please. Payment via Zelle.

I'll also throw in two racks, either the Apache type shown or Chipco racks.
Definitely interested in the baccarat $500 if anybody is interested in my interest.
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