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3 of a Kind
Feb 14, 2018
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San Jose, CA
Maybe I'm the only one, maybe not....

Opening this thread to invite members to find other members interested in sharing their design ideas before sharing them with the general PCF public.

1. I have a design I'm working on.
2. I want to share it with only 1 person or a small set of individuals for ideas, inspiration, feedback, or just pride of a job well done.
3. You want to see the design and share feedback, inspiration, ideas, or excitement in the project.
4. You have your own design you're working on that you're willing to share back. Both members will indulge in the joy of sharing.

If interested in a penpal (or pen-pal, or pen pal) post in the thread:
  • Type of project (CPC, Sunfly, BRpro, Tina, Re-label, etc)
  • Theme or codename (enough info without giving away the actual name of the chips)
  • Set type (Tourney, cash, both, limit, etc)
  • Looking for (inspiration, confirmation, criticism, help with _____, other)
After finding a penpal, and ultimately completing a project, link that project thread from this thread as well.
Here's mine:

  • Planning a Tina hybrid 43mm set
  • Codename: Cosmos
  • Tourney + Cash + Bounty set
  • Interested in general feedback and a back-and-forth about the art elements and the theme of the chips. Colors and spots are pretty much set, but also interested in opinions about some non-standard denominations.
Post your project here if interested in becoming my, or other members penpal.
Cosmos? Does this mean you're gonna have the 1st Billion Dollar Chip I've ever seen?!
(Billions and billions)

I am more like a neighbor than a PenPal to you but I'm more than willing to help you out if I can/you want it. I am also working on a project albeit probably way more basic than yours:

*Paulson THC Re-label
*Codename: Top Secret
*Cash Set
*Interested in general feedback/opinions & label design. It will be a Solids set so edgespots won't be a headache. Finding the color specific chips probably will be...

Only Herman & Gear know anything about it so if you wanna be the 3rd just lmk. No worries if not & either way I'm sure our paths will cross at some point. (Unfortunately your tournament start times haven't meshed with my work schedule but you always have an open invitation to my small Thursday night cash game if you're ever interested)
I have too many custom sets already, so I'm probably not going to be creating any sets of my own anytime soon, but I do have several sets I've mocked up that never made it to production. I always love your design choices too though, so I'd be happy to offer feedback if you'd like.
New here, but looking to create a CPC set to honor my hometown and my dad. Would love to have some feedback and insights with someone going theough the same process

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