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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista

Putting in an order soon for a PGI ceramic set with a 44mm 5K chip and a bounty. If you would like a set or add this on to your Deja cash set post it here.
If you are already getting a DV cash set, ill add it to your shipping costs later on down the road.
cost should only be about 8 dollars including 2 inch dealer button and 44mm 5k chip. Or roughly $1.50 without dealer button.

Hurry though because I am capping it at 18 sample orders total and only 3 DBs. Due to shipping/other restraints. only 3 Dbs because they are pricey and I didnt want to over order. so I got 5 total (2 for me and 3 for others)

(forget the blue bounty is there and I am going with the right side dealer button below)



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They look amazing.

^^This. Please put me down for a tourney sample set (no dealer button, although it's great, too!). J5 is the nutz.

I'd definitely go with the bounty chip, btw. Cheaper to get it now than later, and you probably only need 20.
Wow. What an incredible tourney set. Please put me down for three sample sets without the dealer button, even though it is SO sick. I like the one on the right as well. I also agree with BG; get those blue bounty chips!!

I'm moving towards a ceramic tourney set more and more and this set might be the one that puts me over the edge. It is incredibly gorgeous. Congrats Chris!
Beautiful! Please put me down for a full sample set incl. dealer button (you can add it to my cash sample set please). Thank you
OMG im so out of it last night when posting late at night. I mistaken the bounty as a dealer chip.. YES, the blue bounty WILL be included!!! :) wow brain fart. I thought J5 duplicated the dealer so i can see it in blue or something. My brain sometimes do amazing things that astound me haha

and thanks guys for your comments
Put me down for a sample set no dealer button. Thanks
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not sure lol. Since I am getting a .20 a chip deal, they are pre printed edges. So fingers are crossed they can make them look great.

here is a set that got the same deal and they turned out not too bad

eek. you've got more gambool than i do. there was at least one "interesting" result of this random edgespot deal. i can't recall if it was resolved or if the choices have since improved?
yes your right but I am being optimistic. if something does not look right or doesnt fit, ill have to pay the full price for one denomination maybe. wait and see what they can come back with
Hey Chris,

Did these chips come in yet? I feel like I saw a thread with them, but my mind may be playing a trick on me. Either way, I can't wait to see them!
Nope.. Still in the works with PGI. Apparently there was an issue with 1 or 2 of the edges so I will have to get those done from scratch (edges). So Joe is going to get back to me about what needs to be done. I will have to pay the regular price for the denoms that are out of stock pre-printed edges.

Stay tuned. But there is still a few sets available to order but dealer buttons are all gone
I would like to add a set of these to my cash set please.
ok looks like things are back on track for this ceramic project :)

so I am bumping this thread for others who may want in still on this PGI set...

unnamed (13).jpg

Sorry that it did not come in at the same time as the CPC set so shipping will be added again :(

let me know if you want a sample set.

So far this is who wants one. (Also, please let me know if you changed your mind!)

BGinGA - 1

Moscow - 3

Cdnbeer - 1

Ragspoker - 1

72o - 1 plus DB

Rowdyrawhide - 1 plus DB

Mr cheese - 1 plus DB

Beaver - 1
Bubble - 1

frenchchipper - 1

Lars - 1

Dont worry about waht the OP says about limit of DBs. I can add more on if anyone wants some more. (Please state if you want just the set or both set and DB)
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