SOLD Custom Milled Circus Circus Cali 800 Chip THC Set (1 Viewer)

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Jul 6, 2023
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Selling this 800 chip custom Cali color Circus Circus set. Some extra labels included and artwork available.

$1700 shipped CONUS. Racks are not included. I will split if all/most chips are accounted for.

Split pricing does not include shipping:

$0.50 frac - Fuschia hotstamp milled solids: $220/rack (@RudysNYC)
$1 - Paris $1 overlabeled (no murder, except for one barrel but can be swapped out for another barrel $1 without murder/overlabel): $190/rack
$5 - Avalon $1 milled solid C&J: $220/rack
$20 - Black hotstamp milled: $75/barrel (FROR: @KingWithTheAxe)
$100 - Silver Seven $1 murdered: $60/barrel


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This is an insane deal for an awesome looking set. I’d snap this up if my wife didn’t almost murder me for all the other chips I recently had delivered.

I have to get sneaky and USPS hold the packages next time.
I don’t think this listing will last 24 hours.

Are the C&J generally considered as good as the Paulson THC?
C&J are generally older (they did THCs first) and not leaded but still great chips in their own right.
To clarify, even though they’re older the never(?) used lead in their clay recipe, whereas older Paulsons did. So C&Js are also often lighter in weight (and slightly wider diameter than 39mm).

Nowadays (and for a while now) no one uses lead, so older leaded Paulson chips are more desirable, at least with this crowd on PCF.
They shuffle like butter
I had a rack of CJ hotstamps and I reeeaaallllyyyyy regret getting rid of them. In hindsight I should’ve milled them because who tf needs $3 chips

Nobody should be scared by the CJ—if I didn’t already have 20s in my set I would’ve snap dibsed 2 racks
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