Considerations for selling chip sets


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Aug 2, 2018
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I had my first international shipping experience yesterday and was able to print everything at home. Shipped USPS to Canada and created the label through paypal shipping. All I had to do was declare the category and value of the contents. I cannot speak to shipping to other countries, but it did not require additional forms, but just printed my customs declaration on the label right next to the recipient's address. In previous sales I was hesitant to ship outside the US due to my unfamiliarity with the process. I assumed it would be much more time consuming and I would have to go into the post office to fill out customs forms, but was pleasantly surprised it only took about 30 additional seconds.
Shipping internationally with PayPal is SUPER easy. Like 10x easier than any other way I’ve done (USPS online or in person, Fedex, UPS, etc). The process is the same for all countries. Highly suggest it.
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