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May 31, 2018
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Laurel, Maryland
I need the legendary guidance from you PCF wizards on how to properly clean some Horseshoe Cleveland Poker Chips. Is it just warm water and some elbow grease?
Just go to the "Poker Chip Maintenance" sub forum all the answers for cleaning are there.
The Cleveland hotshot chips were so so easily erased with a tsp soak and a quick brush.
If your time is worth more than your money or if you love appliances/gadgets or if you have 5,000 chips to clean, yeah an ultrasonic is a good idea. But buying one to clean a typical set of Cleveland horseshoes is overkill.

Yeah, it's over kill. But then again, I bought it so I'd have a reason to buy more chips :) .

I've cleaned about 1000 chips since I got it and it's just such a time saver.
Not a huge fan of Ultra Sonics... if they are terrible a 6-7 min soak in a warm TSP bath before rinsing and a soapy 5 min bath. Most of those aren't terrible so I just do the warm soap bath for about 10 minutes, then a magic eraser cut into 8 squares, some dish soap and elbow grease! Hand dry... let them sit 24 hours and then use the compression method of oiling. They will come out amazing!! Fellow chipper Ben
When I got my cincy tournament set, it was so gross. I tried the warm soap and tooth brush method on a few, and they came out "ok". If I had spent time per chip, maybe they would have been better. I popped the rest in my US and blew through 500 in under an hour.
Ultrasonic with fake TSP and distilled water is the ticket to fast, clean results with minimal physical effort. About 2 minutes per barrel of 20 chips, or less than 15 minutes per rack including laying them out to dry.
With the ultrasonic, I do two barrels at a time for about 1-2 minutes per batch. I can get about 400-500 chips done in an hour if working alone. Always wear protective equipment!
Gloves and eye protection recommended.

Hah, yeah. I did wear eye protection. Last time I used it, there were no gloves. I don't think the missus would agree to, "hey honey, you know those gloves that we wear to protect us from the apocalypse virus when we need to get food? Yeah, I'm gonna use them to clean those poker chips I bought that you don't know about"

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