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Mar 23, 2013
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To celebrate the launch of the new poker chip design tool, PokerChipForum.com is giving away TWO $50 Classic Poker Chips gift cards. There will be 2 winners!

This giveaway is open to all PCF members with a minimum of 300 posts.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Darn - I gotta start posting more - been here for a long time and no where near the post minimum.
Lol I tried to enter but it told me I was in a user group that wasn't allowed to enter.

I think that means I'm not Courage or Schmendr1ck
Too funny. I'm sure Tommy will correct that shortly...

I think he was kidding. :cool:

300 posts eh?

Good luck everyone!

Once I get the built in points/trophy systems configured, members will be able to cash in their points to enter giveaways and it doesn't have to be based on post count alone or even at all.

Example: You get points for receiving and giving likes, starting a new thread, making posts, uploading an avatar, adding photos to the gallery, creating albums, etc. (basically being an active member)

So Giveaway X requires 50 points to enter. Bob has 60 points in his bank. He enters Giveaway X, now he has 10 points remaining in his bank.
I think this will be a better system than just using post counts.
I cannot win and am happy about that as I would no longer have an excuse to NOT purchase a set.
Amen to that brother. You're ahead of me... Just! ;)
Its a race... I just added one more. Though I just read the giveaway details. We have until May 29 to enter... so I am sure my normal post rate will get me there... so I'm not going to stress about it.
Me, oh me... I'd love a gift card. Thanks for the giveaway offer. GL to all
I fear getting a gift card for $50 to CPC is like getting a pet as a present. Here's an obligation. Winning this $50 card will force me to spend $1000.
I hope I win.
The board is going to get a whole lot busier, and a whole lot more junk posts. Uhm , yay?

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