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Nov 5, 2014
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Riverside, CA, USA
Chipjoker and I went to a friends charity poker tournament. Fundraiser for her daughters softball team. It was organized by some parents that had some chips.
So here's the agony:
1. Starting blinds 1-2, starting stack 40
2. Chips don't have different values for color... Chips are chips.
3. By the time blinds got to 10-20, the players spent more time counting out chips than playing.
4. Blinds increased every 20 minutes or so. Some rounds only had three hands played.
5. Oh, there was drinking... That didn't help.
Here's a pic
I don't mind dice chips if there's nothing else and the structures ok. But I CANNOT handle every chip is equal nonsense. Played one game like that once and just rage shoved every hand.
wonder if their after-count was ballooned by four or five hundred chips.....

who needs re-buys when you can just add a new fistful out-of-pocket every other hand?
It was a rebuy tourney.

I'm kinda glad I went busto on level 2 when i instantly had 10BB. At level one, I was looking for nearly any ace. Level two any two Broadway's to jam. Jammed with J10 just before BB came around again. Two callers. Flopped top pair. Chipjoker flopped the nut flush with A8 spades. Joker got paid off by player 3. No rebuy for me thanks.

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