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Jun 19, 2014
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Just wanted to give a good review for some cards that don't get the attention of Bicycle Prestige or Copags for the budget plastic market. The Ace plastics may be my favorite of the cards I've handled, including Copags, Bicycle Prestige and Gemacos. Plus you can get them for $4 or less at Hastings or Kmart. They seem to only come in poker size, jumbo index, with red or blue backs, and the packaging is a pretty basic cardboard box. Still, I'd try to pick up a setup if you can get them locally.

I have a setup and like them. The index isn't as large as some other "jumbo" index cards, and the cards have a nice feel to them if you like cards that aren't overly stiff (if you like Copags, you'll like these...Modiano fans need not apply). Hard to beat for the price. The only issue I have is that there's a strong chemical smell on the ones I purchased. I haven't bought any recently...I should just to see if it was due to that particular manufacturing run.
Huh. Haven't noticed that with mine. You could always try a vinegar solution rinse. Shouldn't hurt the cards.
Huh. Haven't noticed that with mine. You could always try a vinegar solution rinse. Shouldn't hurt the cards.

A week in a Tupperware container with an open flow-thru box of Arm & Hammer took care of most of the smell (maybe 85%). Probably just a fluke.

For Canadians, Target Canada sells them for $4.97 / deck, and the price could drop this week when the liquidation sales start. Can't beat that price.
No problems with smell on the 2@$4.99 decks I bought at Rite Aid. The problem was fingernail marks/nicks. After one night these cards were so marked up I don't know if I can use them again. I like the feel and print, maybe I had a crazy player or players that particular night. The other possibility is these cards are soft and mark easily.
I bought a couple decks of these as well, but we don't use them anymore. Not just because of the smell, which is mostly gone, but the red hearts and diamonds are quite dark.
Definitely prefer the Ace cards over Prestige and performance is close enough to COPAG, especially at the price. The red suits don't pop as brightly as other cards but my players love them and since they are pretty negligent in treatment of the cards on game night, these work out very well and I don't pucker up with butt hurt when they get damaged.
I bought a few decks at Barnes and Nobel around xmas time. They definitely have the "security ink" red, but for $5 not bad at all....
If you go to B&N, they sell a paper version as well, so you have to really pay attention to the packages/pricing (paper decks were $3 if I recall)
Just FYI
We used these Sat night (2 table tourney) and I didn't notice any smell....people thought they were nice (they normally use the Bicycle Prestige), the font is not too jumbo but not too small either.
We'll see if they hold up over several sessions, but not bad for $5...
Only place I've seen them in Canada recently is Target. Walmart used to have them, but dropped them. When Target closes, there may not be a source for them.
I got a couple of decks from Chapters (bookstore) a year or two ago. Not sure if they are still sold there or not.


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