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I love these decks, but after putting them into play last week, myself and others had difficulty determining if a card was a spade or a club from a distance. And I have good eyesight. But from a distance the club art blurts together as there isn't enough separation on the leaves of the clover. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed given the font being used. But sadly, I can't use these during our games.
Got my setups in less than 4 business days. Very nice. I'm itching to open them but I want to wait until I play this Sunday. Thank you Justin!
Still no love for the poker size aficionados?
In for a set to try it them out after all the good reviews. Thanks!
Real feedback from the group I played with:

The pips are too small. Spade and club pip looks too similar. Hard to distinguish between spade and club from a distance.

Royal art is cool.

Ace of spade art is cool.

Can other aces also have cool art?

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