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Ku-Mi-Te Ku-Mi Te Ku-Mi-Te Ku-Mi Te

Late 80s martial arts movies based on fake FBI testimony not your cup of tea? Maybe these cards will be, but you're gonna have to fight for 'em. I've purchased too many cards, all kinds, and am now selling some. Something for everyone: poker, bridge, jumbo, standard, 4-color for you weirdos. This is a way you can beat me in an auction, cause I'm hosting it.

Starting at less than $10 per setup. I'm assuming I'm losing money on this, but I'm hoping someone enjoys starting/adding to a collection. I've described each setup exhaustively; most of the little things people wouldn't notice but I want to be very clear what I'm selling and what you're getting. IF it arrives and you can prove with pictures its not as I described, I will happily work with you on reimbursement.

8 setups of varying conditions, ranging from very good with minimal bowing (code for awful) to brand spanking in-the-plastic new:

KEMs, Poker Standard
Used but I would label great condition. I'm a snob and I generally dislike KEMs but even after a few long sessions, I would describe them as excellent. Any specks on the black ink are from my camera and the lighting. This is the one setup of these that I'm blown away by. Love their feel, I'll admit.

NTP Ramino: Poker size standard, 4-pip
Used and shows. No marks or warps, they lay completely flat and I love the texture, but definitely tiny flecks on the backs of the cards and ink. I'm a snob and wouldn't mind playing with these but I don't like the 4 corners. I would feel comfortable dealing and using these, 100%.
20230901_212933 (1).jpg

NTP Bridge Jumbo x2
One is brand new still in plastic (with green box + insert), the other I bought before the group buy and unwrapped. Never played, shuffled a few times. Love the feel and feel flexy enough but I admit I really hate the red, and the faces don't do it for me. Never cared about the red before but its just too dark and I prefer poker sized anyways. Honestly shouldn't be included, but here we are.

Desjgn, Bridge Jumbo
Used. Sits completely flat but the side of the deck looks slightly dirty. I haven't tried cleaning these but its the only flaw I see. Love Desjgn in general, some of the best texture and I love the designs. I'd feel comfortable dealing these for sure.


Faded Spade, Bridge 4-color
I can't keep these, my apes hate them and I have no reason to have them. They're in perfect condition, pitched for less than 2 hours on a topper. Love the texture and FS art is my favorite but bile rises in me when I see the blues and greens. GLHF.


Copag Bridge Jumbo
Honestly I love these cards. Red and black, feel just right, I just have too many cards. Used for a single 4 hour session on a felted table, just making room for purchases. Copags get hate but they're cheap and approachable and I hope someone enjoys them.


2011 WSOP Bicycle, Bridge Standard
These things are tacos, horribly warped (but cool design, I must say. Jack Links is kinda cool on the columns). Sold to me as "very good with minimal to no bowing", but you could load these suckers up with beef, cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce and a tasteful jalapeno and nothing would seem amiss. I hate them and I want them outta the house so you're taking them. Shown below are the faces, then a deck turned in on itself, its when you take half the deck and flip it to the other orientation, best way I know to test/show warping.


Alright people. I love playing cards, always have, and I hope this gives someone else the bug. Any questions please ask, tried to be as transparent as possible. Winner pays shipping, can fit them all in the medium-flat-rate for $15. If no one bids, I'll take them back and tell my wife I made a good-faith effort at selling them.

If Bloodsport AND these cards are both off your radar? Go back to watching The West Wing on the treadmill, I got nothing for you.
Lol I actually have all the Poker Sized ones except for the NTP 4 pips which I'm not a fan of. (The 4 pip part) If they weren't used though I would have been down for a split for sure. (Never heard of them)
Lol I actually have all the Poker Sized ones except for the NTP 4 pips which I'm not a fan of. (The 4 pip part) If they weren't used though I would have been down for a split for sure. (Never heard of them)
Fair. Got em from @Pippa , love the brand and all just not the 4-pip. Really cool font though

Little over a day left, still see these as a fantastic deal. Maybe my descrips were too harsh, Id play them all but the WSOP for sure.
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