Billionaire Says Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal Will 'Almost Certainly Close' (1 Viewer)

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Mar 25, 2013
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Though it likely won’t close next month, the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City will “almost certainly” be closing this year, said billionaire investor Carl Ichan, who was flirting with ...

Too bad - this was once the Mecca of East Coast poker, and though I visited past it's heyday last year, it was cool to play in the same room and with the same chips that Mike McD and Worm played with in Rounders. On the other hand, I must've showered 9 times after I left there and wouldn't drink anything that wasn't in a bottle with a cap on it. Place is a dump, I'll miss it anyway though.
I remember being there the day it opened. Saw Trump walking through it too. That was really the only place that I played at when we use to take the 45 min ride from Philly. I got lucky on the Wheel of Fortune $1 slots there a few times. Hit the $1k on the spin twice. $1600 on Red, White, Blue 7s (in that order). They brought the tax form out when I hit that! Hit $800 on the $5 machine in the high rollers room. That was the first and last time I play the $5 machine. LOL

Last time I played in their poker room, the chips were all bicycle wheels. Always had a good time there. Lots of comps.

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