Berkeley East Card Room semi-custom set


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Nov 22, 2016
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Given that I've gotten a lot of enjoyment and education out of looking at all of the great custom sets posted by members here, I thought I'd return the favor by sharing some pictures of a semi-custom set I just finished.

I'm a fan of the Bud Jones V7 design, and also wanted a cash set with California colors. When the Union Station/Old School Sunfly group buy came around, I decided to buy Old School blanks with idea of eventually coming up with an idea for a custom label. I ultimately wanted something that represented my hometown of Madison, WI. Madison is sometimes referred to as the Berkeley of the Midwest--since this was going to be a California-color cash set, I decided to riff off of that nickname and create a Berkeley East Card Room theme.


The image is of the Wisconsin Union Terrace on the UW-Madison campus, a well-known spot in Madison. I reached out to an ex-coworker who does freelance graphic design to come up with the art, and then we worked on color matching various pieces of the image to the Old School chip colors. After that was done, I sent the images off to Gear and he printed up some great labels. I'm really happy with how these turned out. Thanks to all of the members of this forum who have shared photos of their custom sets over the years. Additional thanks to @p5woody for his Old School set design and to @Geremie for organizing the Union Station/Old School group buy.

BECR splash1.jpg

BECR splash2.jpg

BECR splash3.jpg

BECR barrel.jpg


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Jun 23, 2019
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Casa Mango, FL
Awesome. Great job on these. Really fun inlay and I love the color matching.
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