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Feb 18, 2024
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Hi guys!

Recently have contacted Matsui Asia (Tokyo | JP Sales) with interest in commissioning a custom set. And the update I received was that they are no longer producing custom chips for individuals or retailers.

The email chain is still warm, so currently following up to see if it's a regional resource constraint imposed on Matsui Asia only or a global policy change; because I can see that there are existing Matsui customs by PCF members such as the Black Diamond set. Would like to know if anyone had any recent experiences working with them and have you managed to get any leads/contacts that could assist in opening the door for a custom set production?

Thanks guys!
I’m assuming that this is a one off fixed cost right, and subsequent orders using the same artwork and mold will be fine?
I was surprised it was that inexpensive. Then realized it was $235 / denomination not $235 for the set. That's where it gets expensive for a smaller order. I do hope another larger GB happens eventually.
Yeah, that's crazy. If you get two racks of a denom it's $300 for just the chips, but $535 after adding the artwork fee. So goes from $1.50 a chip to $2.68 a chip! And if I'm reading that right, that is only if they use the same colors as the WSOP chips? Is that right? So even more if you want to set up your own choices for colors and spots? Seems like you don't even need to buy the color kits.

Or by same molds, do they just mean that same style, and you can still pick your own colors?
As a conclusion for this thread - and for the info of the community.

Matsui sales are region locked - Matsui Europe services only Europe, Matsui America only to America and so on. The regional offices are unable to ship to countries outside their coverage as a matter of internal policy as such requests are governed by your regional office.

Matsui Asia does not work on a B2C basis, and likely only restricts clients to actual casinos or gaming establishments (no resellers/individuals).

Matsui Europe has a history of working with individuals for custom sets, and it is safe to assume that they continue to do so (POC: Dave Holt).

Matsui America has a similar history to Europe (POC: Roxanna).

Details were obtained after reaching out to all the regional offices and when Dave Holtz replied, explaining his inability to assist.

Thank you all for your assistance, will be seeking existing samples from chippers in the region! :D


I had thought so. It makes sense for this restriction considering most, if not all casinos in Asia utilise plastic or ceramic chips. Personally, I was able to jump in on a group buy with chippers from elsewhere. GL with your search!

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