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Jul 4, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I remember the good old days of playing poker with friends in College - playing for $20 buy in tournament style. Back then those stakes felt HUGE. As I played more, I wanted to try to make more money. I started playing more aggressive stakes. I would go to the local casino at midnight and grind out several hours against drunk folks - basically hoping to stack someone when making a set. It wasn't much strategy, but it often worked. I just remember feeling so exhausted - and then having to go to class the next day made it even more brutal. I think at some point, I forgot the reason I liked playing in the first place - it was a great excuse to get together with friends and hang out. In College though, finding time for friends was so natural. Whether you wanted it or not, you were always with other people. Eventually, I decided that my poker grind wasn't fun and I stopped for a few years - playing in the occasional tournament of course

Feel like I'm a totally different person today than I was then. I have a big boy job, I'm married, and have kids. Its a lot more difficult to find time to hang out with friends with everyone's schedule. That's why I decided to start hosting a monthly poker night. We started back in July. At first it was just a couple guys that I knew in the neighborhood, but in a few months, our game has grown significantly. I have 30 people on our list at the moment - pretty consistently get 10 players. Pretty soon, two tables will be needed every time. My wife will often come to me and say that one of her friends heard about the game and her husband wants to be added to the list. Its almost like setting up play date for kids . I don't see the guest list slowing down anytime soon.

We play on an old crappy foldable poker table I had from high school. It's about same dimensions of a barrington. We use dice chips. No one complains and we always have a great time, but I think it's time to start thinking about upgrading the game. Have my eyes set on a custom topper from @jrdev7 as well as custom chips - leaning CPC but considering ceramic as well. I am also going to pull the trigger on a custom table in the next few weeks and maybe a barrington. Lots on the wish list for sure. I think table is the first order of business.

Been fooling with Dalle/chatgpt on making custom logo/designs for the poker club. Still kicking around names. I live on Shady Lane - feel like I should be able to do something creative with that! Will probably ask for opinions at some point!

As I've learned from lurking the last few months, I've stumbled into a DEEP rabbit hole. I'm hoping to be content with custom chips and custom table and call it there, but seems like most folks end up much deeper in their pocket than they originally wanted. I'm going to try to stay conservative but I do have a tendency to yolo - those hot dog rollers look super juicy!

Looking forward to posting more and getting pics of the game at some point!
Welcome to posting and enjoy your home games !
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