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May 13, 2015
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New York
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This might be a long shot, but I'm looking to add to my BCC high rollers club chips.

I need:
- (50) $25
- (100) $100
- (150) $500 pink or (300) purple

Possible trades:
- (100) $1000s
- (69) $100,000 ceramic plaques from PGI/palm imports

Will add/subtract cash as necessary.

Or if you want to sell a set, I’m interested to know as well. Thanks.
There were pink and purple 500's. The Hundos were always black 8v pink and blue. Gorgeous chips. I need a rack to make my tournament
Set damn near perfect.
Messaged you, jadillon. Let’s see what’s available first. Yes there were 2 versions of $500s, purple and pink. I have a mix of both. I’m trying to get more pink also. There were 2 versions of $5s also, a 3T14 version and an 8V version.

Here’s the list of them:

5 3T14
5 8V
500 purple
500 pink
$100,000 (plaque)

Also: (5) Year of the Tiger commemoratives.
I have a small amount of chips that would be up for trade if there any 100's available.

14 - 25's
30 - purple 500's

I need 50 $100's and a few 5k chips to make the set play perfectly for 27 players. I've got tons of 1k chips but most people don't need these. I have the 3t14 $5 chips as well. Please PM me if you would like do talk about some trading.

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