SOLD Price reduced: 560 BCC FOC Clay poker chips (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2020
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For sale: 560 BCC clay poker chips

Asking $420 (only .75 cents a chip) Now asking .65 cents per chip $364 for these BCC fan of card poker chips. If 100 people saw them and didn’t buy I must be too high. Made of clay by Paulsons son. They are in new condition and to me they look brand new. @FordPickup92 used to and may still have access to a big hoard if memory serves me correct. She might be able to help u score more or at least info on the history. Anyways…. The .50 cents are a bright orange of some sort and the purple really pops. Really cool chips and design IMO I’m just relocating them to hopefully be felted somewhere.

$24 conus shipping in a USPS medium flat rate box, tracked and insured. Racks are included! I am open to trades for card molds aria/flamingo/pioneer/whatever set otherwise I accept PayPal, bitcoin, Venmo, cashapp, zelle and most major transfer apps. Dm me for more questions.

Ps. These will be mailed once my warnake boxes arrive from Spinettis later this week. Sorry for any delay but I prefer to ship in those for safety reasons. *View my sellers feedback and buy with confidence. My one bad feedback is wrong as I was Obviously the BUYER not the seller but after writing Tommy (admin) and confirming such, the error still remains. It’s all good. Anyways, it is what it is. Ty for looking. Anybody need this clay set? DM me for more photos and questions etx. Ty for looking!

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Great chips, typically super sharp edges even on used ones they hold up great and are versatile for just about any game the denominations vary so much! I know there's some other denoms of these floating around that are/were available.
Could be interested in the ocean sides too.
And awesome sale congrats to the buyer, great chips and great price. Way to business! Hoping you're making out it to the Vegas convention this year?
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