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Royal Flush
Mar 29, 2013
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Lakewood Ranch, FL
Does anyone own a BBO Table with the Dining Top? If so, how solid is that top for actual dining? Thanks.
Yes, have a full-length 10 player holdem table Dining Top, and it's plenty stiff for dining or other table top purposes. I've spread a full Thanksgiving Dinner for a full table with fine china and large platters, no issues.

You have to be very careful storing the top when it's off the table, though - if you stand it on edge, it tends to tilt away from the top, and lean on the sidewall. If you then tilt it even slightly further in that direction, all the (significant) weight of the top is all on the sidewall, and the pressure can easily put cracks in edge of the top where the sidewall joins it. The cracks close up when the pressure is off, so they're hard to notice when the top is on the table, never mind when you throw a table cloth over it - but you'll know.
Thanks for that advice. I guess I could devise a storage rack which would hold the top angled slightly away from the side panels.

I think my concern is not so much with stiffness of the top as it is with stability atop the poker rails, as people tend to lean on the edges when they stand up, etc. Have you noted any problems in that respect?
I've had absolutely no problems with stability in any way. I expected more "give" because it's on padded rails, but the weight is spread and you can't notice a thing.

I store my top on-end, vertically, behind a tall bookcase which has been strategically placed about 6" away from the wall. Although it was next to a couch, nobody noticed the gap, or the black tabletop. This was a 1-bedroom apartment in midtown Manhattan, and nobody could figure out where it went.

It stands behind the bookcase on the strong edge and leans on the wall or the bookcase just fine - I only had to be careful when getting it out or taking it on/off the table. Because of the length combined with the weight, I can't do it alone - I'm 6'5" tall, weighed about 230 pounds, would deadlift over 300 pounds, but couldn't handle it alone without risking damage. Very unwieldy. My 110 lb ex-wife and a similar friend could get it on or off the table just fine, but it was too long and unwieldy for me to handle alone.

But once it's on, absolutely no worries.

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