BBO "Secret Agent" Chip Set


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Feb 1, 2021
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Pensacola, FL
Wow, do you have more pictures!? or how do they feel? I am also curious how did you end up getting the Light blue ones since the website did not provide options. Thanks! I did not know they provide BBO dealer buttons XD
I posted some detailed pictures at the beginning of the thread, unfortunately I got back on the road today or I’d get some more for you. The light blue ones are just the color the .25’s came in, it their standard color for that design. They feel good, nice weight & this is going to sound weird but a great sound too when you’re shuffling them lol. They need to get some use & worn in a little because the edges are still nice & square making them a little tougher to shuffle. Yeah they come with 2 decks of Copag cards & a dealer button. I wish I had seen this before I left & I would have dropped one in the mail to you, I have plenty lol.
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Dec 6, 2020
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Colorado, USA
Anyone need samples of the BBO chips to check them out?

BBO Chips were my first consideration when buying chips, but I decided to go another route.
Honestly, if they had changed a few things, Id have bought a small T set of them
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