Anybody have access to Busch Light Peach? (1 Viewer)

Do you think I'm trying to defend Busch light peach as a quality product you whacko?
You're trying to defend something! Maybe your manhood? I dunno. But you're the one who started this thread and got offended pretty quick lol
To be fair we’ve got flavoured ciders over here. They come in a hefty glass bottle in case anyone in the pub questions your lifestyle choices :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

I used to drink « pécheresse » Belgian lambic beer from time to time when I was a teenager. But not anymore.
I'm looking for the same damn thing!! Couldn't even get my hands on Apple down here in NC.

I went so far as to message the company on FB to no avail :(
Bush light Peach? Are you implying that her highness is a natural blonde?
Somebody's trolling for a fight. Either mail me some beer or go challenge somebody else's manhood.
Beer se
Hmm, I've driven to PA for fireworks. Is it worth the drive for cheap beer? hmm
too funny...saw this on my way home & thought of you and ironically it's across the street from my beer distributor who has lots of
you guessed it! So come to Macungie & get yer fireworks & busch light peach

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