Anybody have access to Busch Light Peach? (1 Viewer)

Why? Why?

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Busch Lite Apple is the bomb! I'm guessing that if you like Crown Royal Peach (which I do!), this'll be right up your alley. I'm thinking Snapple Peach with alcohol...
Why not? Its just beer; we don't have to take it that seriously.
But to answer the question, I want it because it's a novelty, because it will bring joy and laughter to my friends, but mostly because apparently I can't have it.
I’ve gained access to UpNDown’s list.

Chinese poker chips

Busch Lite Peach
Horse flavored cocaine
My own personal cooud
Mike Mac’s tinfoil hat
Little disappointed bc it got so hyped. Apple was better. Both good. Apple great.

Crown Royal TOTALLY different story.

Crown Peach is NEXT LEVEL!
Peach makes everything great, the jim beam peach is almost as good as the crown. But I had to stop drinking all those sugared up whiskeys - I drank a lot of them during covid and the hangovers hurt.

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