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Dec 16, 2022
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My order of Angel cards from Amazon Japan just arrived. These cards have a velvety texture almost identical to KEM's but they feel just a tad stiffer and produce a nice crisp shuffle. (KEM's tend to be a little limp IMHO.) I can't find Angel in the RN database but I suspect they are Acetate vs PVC. The come in a nice plastic case vs a cardboard box.
Amazon Japan sells them for a mere $5/deck however shipping to the US is around $16. For two decks it came to around $26 which is a lot cheaper then KEM and about the same as Desjgn. Angel doesn't have a wide variety of options. Poker size/std. index and limited designs. Card stock is identical to their Casino cards. Angel is clearly my favorite Poker size card.
Here's where to find them:,aps,95&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_21

Amazon Japan also has Nintendo NAP plastic cards. Anyone know anything about them?

P1100614 (1).jpg
P1100615 (1).jpg
P1100616 (1).jpg
I belive they produce both acetate and PVC. Not sure about these....But if they handle well, what's the difference?

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