SOLD 699 Dunes China Clay Micro Stakes with relabeled $.10 (1 Viewer)

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Oct 9, 2021
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Hey there,

Looking to find a new home for this excellent set of Dunes China Clays. Asking what I paid, $325 shipped CONUS.

I purchased them originally in June of last year from @ATLarchip (original sale thread) effectively new unplayed. One of the $25s came broken, thus the set is now 699pc instead of 700pc.

After receiving them, I took the time to hand-clean & oil 600 of the 699 chips (no bulk dunking & drying), with the remaining 99 being excess quantities I knew wouldn't be needed for my game.

I've since tabled them maybe a dozen times playing a few games at .10/.25 before flattening out to .25/.25 (so the relabeled dimes have seen almost no play, even the cleaned ones), as well as a few times for some home craps games, after which I started building my small Paris set in September which has made the Dunes redundant.

Full set breakdown:
175 x .10 (Dunes $20 labeled removed and replaced with Gear labels)
175 x .25
200 x $1
100 x $5
49 x $25




Here's the extra 99 chips that are uncleaned & unplayed (also pictured in the right-most rack in the first picture):
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Free cut card of choice with any purchase: either a double-sided Blaqk Palms (my house game, poker or bridge sized), or a double-sided Windows 95 Solitaire card (poker sized). :cool
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@97destroyer posted the first explicit intent to buy, so I'll confirm them as effective dibs and consider them pending to them if they'd like to confirm and work stuff out via PM.

If it doesn't work out, @toastynoodle will have second dibs.

Thanks guys.
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