Cancelled .05 - .10 micro Cleveland Horseshoe cash set 700 chips $799 (PENDING) (1 Viewer)

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Dec 13, 2015
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Hey all,

This is an awesome set for people who want to play some fun, low stakes poker with friends and still want to use Paulsons.

I’ve used this set several times over the past 5 years, but changed up my fracs, so it’s time to let these chips move on.

700 chips total. The .05 chips are Horseshoe Cinci snappers and the .25 are Scandia Casino $1’s. Labels are from @Gear and chips are NOT murdered.

100x $0.05
140x $.025
160x $1
280x $5
20x $25

I have more $1’s, $5’s, $25’s, $100’s, $500’s, $1k’s, $5k’s, and $25k’s for anyone who wants to add to this set or others.

The condition overall is very used. The Cinci snappers are dirty, pretty worn, and have some flea bites. The Scandia $1’s are kinda all over the place…about 2 barrels are in vg+ condition, and the rest are in good condition. There’s a bunch of discoloration from chip to chip on these. The $1’s and $5’s are both casino used, some are a little dirty, and I’d say maybe a third can stand on edge. The $25’s are fairly sharp but have flea bites. Lastly, not all the .25 fracs have the labels on them. I’ll be including enough labels to complete the set (plus some extras) but it’ll be up to the buyer to finish them up.

I’m pricing these to move. I have too many chips and this set is too cool to just sit on my shelf.

Asking $799. Willing to consider trades as well. Primarily looking for:

100x Red Rock $1’s
300x Boulder Station $1’s
110x Jack Detroit prim $5k’s
Grand Victoria secondary chips
Dunes (sharp originals)
Possibly other cool stuff…


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My first casino cash set from my first home casino, but awful timing for me and I can’t use them.

Great deal for someone though and a great set of chips, GLWS!
Would you be willing to split? The whole set is a little out of my budget, and I only need 2-3 barrels of $5s for my game. So 440-460 chips total, and I'd probably go find a few extra barrels of the .25s and label them...

Let me know if this could work with you. You're selling these at a great price and I'd love to have Paulsons for my first set, something I never thought would be possible. Thank you!
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