SOLD 649 Mardi Gras Casino - BCC Micro-Stakes Set (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2013
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Mardi Gras Casino - SOLD

649 chips on the Suits mold produced by the Blue Chip Company (BCC). These chips would make a great micro-stakes set with nearly 3 racks of quarters. Conditions range from mint to near-mint with most of the chips having never been used.

649 total chips. $525 shipped CONUS. Prefer U.S. buyer, but will ship international at buyers risk and expense minus $15. Payment via paypal (friends/family or you pay fees) to

25c x 289
$1 x 280
$5 x 60
$25 x 20




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So tempting. Somebody please buy these!
I'm sick. I don't need them. Plan to use them as decorations for my annual Mardi Gras party! Now I guess I'm looking for more of the 5s and 25s
very nice chips. Slightly out of my price range for a secondary cash set. Plus not enough 5's. I've always been a fan of the Mardi Gras chips.

Good Luck Sir.
DECORATIONS!!?? You'll surely get your chip license revoked for this! ;)
DECORATIONS!!?? You'll surely get your chip license revoked for this! ;)

They will serve as centerpiece decorations during the pregame buffet for my annual Coonass Classic No Limit Tournament. On the back of my chip license it just says, "Buy chips!"
I had a cash set of these at one time, they were very nice chips. I really loved the colors, when BCC was on they made a great product.
Thanks for the kind words guys. The chips are yours if you want them slisk250. If we complete the transaction today, I can get them on their way to you today. Thanks!
These chips were my first "real" clay chips. Loved them, sold them. Wish I still had them. Like Mike32 said, BCC did make some outstanding chips back when there was quality control. Outstanding chips, Congrats to the buyer. I think I just saw some gray $1000's on eBay. Perhaps a re-label if you need them?
These are sold guys. Thanks for all the interest and a big thanks to slisk250 for giving them a new home.
Great chips -- always liked the J5 artwork and chip/spot colors, and the mold is one of the better ones ever made imo. RIP BCC....
Those are awesome! Congrats on pick up slisk. I wish I had gotten into poker earlier when BCC was around :(
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