60 inch table topper build, round versus octagon (1 Viewer)


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Mar 1, 2023
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I am able to pick up a 60 inch table, pretty cheap, and I want to build a topper for it.

I love a round table, the old, sexy, western bar style. But most people in my group are set on octagon tables. I do already have a48 inch octagon table but I do admit eight people would be crowded, especially fitting in a wheelchair.

But what a table topper for a 60 inch table will be too big if it was an octagon? It would give us plenty of space and elbow room but it seems such a shame to cut it down to eight people max when I could have it for 10 person
IMO round is better than octagon. Why have an 8 sided table when you sometimes play with less than 8? If the existing table is 60", that is already big, no reason to have octagon points stick out even further.
Do it. The main complaint is that the horizontally challenged cant reach the middle to rake in chips. Easily solved by one of those chip rake back scatcher looking things. My next build will be a round table....60".

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