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Apr 25, 2013
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Here's one of my favorites. It doesn't have all the bling like some of my other tables, but it's a real beauty.

56" round, custom microsuede cloth, black 6" vinyl rail, 3/4" raised rail, nickel decorative nails, Bombay Mahogany stain.


I've always liked this table.
Chanman, what's your opinion on size of round tables and # of players?

Gorgeous table. I'd love to own one someday when I have the space for more than one.
It depends mostly on the type of chairs you use. If you use big cushy chairs with armrests, the you'll need more space per player. I normally allow about 22" per person for tables, so for a round table 56" is good for 8 players.
My table is 55" round and I think 6 players is a good number to be comfortable. I don't have any cup holders so leaving a little room for the players to reach back to a drink/snack table is good in my situation. I could squeeze 8 if needed, but if you think you will have 8 players more often I'd go with a 60".
Yeah it really depends on your situation. Like I said, size of chairs matters. Other things like size of players, side tables, etc are a factor as well. You can see from the pictures that 4 chairs are lined up around half of the table and looks roomy enough. For me and my friends, we're all pretty small and can fit 10 players around a 42"x78" table, whereas most people prefer a 44"x96" table to fit that many players.

I always suggest to anyone who asks me about size, to make a cardboard mock up of the table size and see how many you can fit around it comfortably in their own environment.

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