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Aug 2, 2021
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Friends and I play 3 card holdem and we refer to it as Greek.

However we go with traditional holdem rules and you can make the 5 best hand any way. You are not required to use 2 cards from your hand…just learned Greek traditionally has Omaha rules.

We also play pineapple (3 cards and u must discard one preflop) and crazy (discard after the flop).

What would hold’em rules but 3 cards dealt in the hole be called?
But in super Holdem, you can use all three hole cards, right? Not sure that’s what was described
Yeah we play you can use 0, 1 or 2 cards from your hand. Haha never thought of all 3 lmao. So it’s not super holdem, bad description by me.
I read that as you can use one (as opppsed to Omaha, where you have to use two.). Being able to use three kind of makes it a totally different game
there is an expression, "zgrywać Greka/to play Greek, in polish language...
Absolutly no relation to card games

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