SOLD 1,288 suits molds ::: PCRs + Avalons (1 Viewer)

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Straight fireball lol. Would love to turn them hotstamps to wthc Fracs lol

@Eloe2000 made a beautiful frac out of the $5’s. I used to dream about having a frac in my lineup that gorgeous….until I bought it :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

I need the spotted pink x 10 pretty please, if the buyer can help me out, or a split happens
If I had the money it would be scooped in a second. To anyone interested, these things are really hard to come by, and a huge amount of work went into this for sure. This is an amazing set. The 5's alone...
I am going to look over the split ideas and will consider those options, but would still prefer to sell the whole set together to a U.S. buyer.

My other thought is to possibly split these into two smaller sets of 600-700 chips each.
I would be willing to divide these into two lots separating the PCRs and Avalons, which would look something like this:

870 PCRs$3,950:
  • 204 $1 (blue PCR)
  • 500 $5 (yellow PCR)
  • 126 $25 (green PCR)
  • 40 NCV (silver PCR)
418 AVALONS$1,950:
  • 226 $25 (green Avalon)
  • 104 $100 (black Avalon)
  • 60 $500 (purple Avalon)
  • 28 NCV (pink Avalon)
Shipping and insurance would be extra for each lot, I’m guessing around $50-$75 for each within the U.S. Per my OP, I would vastly prefer to ship to the CONUS to lessen hassles and risks of overseas chip sales.

(If selling the whole set or the above lots does not happen, my next thought would be to make two playable sets of mixed PCRs and Avalons, one somewhat larger than the other.)
Yes, I sent them to @Gear @Wifey who did a fantastic job scraping, CNC milling, and applying the new labels so I could add a killer frac to my WTHC set.

View attachment 1284791
For the yellow Fracs - does it have the same laminated style? I love that smooth glossy feeling. I do see the buzzsaw inlay so that’s sweet
For the yellow Fracs - does it have the same laminated style? I love that smooth glossy feeling. I do see the buzzsaw inlay so that’s sweet
Yes, same look and feel as the originals. They have multiple shapes they can mill but I liked the saw best as it did not replicate any of the other shapes in the set.
Here are two more breakdowns that I could live with, creating two smaller playable sets...

SET #1 — 770 chips — $3,500
  • 104 $1 (blue PCR)
  • 300 $5 (yellow PCR)
  • 226 $25 (green Avalon)
  • 72 $100 (black Avalon)
  • 40 $500 (purple Avalon)
  • 28 NCV (pink Avalon)
SET #2 — 518 chips — $2,500
  • 100 $1 (blue PCR)
  • 200 $5 (yellow PCR)
  • 126 $25 (green, 126 PCR, 226 Avalon)
  • 32 $100 (black Avalon)
  • 20 $500 (purple Avalon)
  • 40 NCV (silver PCR)
As above, these prices do not include shipping and insurance, which will likely run $50-$75 each in the U.S. And as before, I would much rather ship these within the CONUS than risk the delays, fees and possible losses sometimes encountered with overseas sales.

If no takers by Monday, I will begin to contemplate split offers and possibilities.
Set 1 if split - no need for greens and blacks if someone is interested
Last 24-hour call if there are any takers on the complete set. Tomorrow I’ll address splits if unsold. (Have most but not all components covered, it looks like.)
Folks— I have someone who says he will buy the whole set, but payment is still pending.

I asked the potential buyer to pay by Tuesday atenoon. If still available after that, I will reach out to each of you who have indicated you’d want portions of the set.

Thanks to all for your interest. Thread will remain open for now.
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