Cash Game $0.25/$0.50 home game not wanting to dole out $.25s in payouts - ideas for rounding up/down? (4 Viewers)

I'm trying to think if there are any easy ways to round people up or down (high card? just donate it to the next pot? tip me because I'm a great host obviously?) to avoid having to deal with quarters.

Any ideas?

At my games:

1) If individual players leave but the game is still going: excess quarters belong to the house.


2) If the game totally ends and there are still multiple players, all excess quarters will be raced off.
You can make it clear that you're gonna round down to the nearest dollar beforehand so no one's caught off guard
I’m still embarrassed about this. My first time playing with PCFers was at a meetup in NH. Prior to that, my home game experience was limited to playing with crap cards and crap chips on kitchen tables with drunk guys - the concepts of hosting and tipping home hosts were just beyond my experience.
So when I cashed out, I’m not sure if it was @bergs or Chicken, I’m pretty sure I offered a couple of quarters out of my pocket, to make exact change. I shudder to think what they must have thought of me. But hey, live and learn.
I need to start inviting Joey

Hey we have our monthly tourney next Saturday. I putting the Ojibwas into play. $120 buyin includes $20 bounty


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