Bill's Haus of Bluff

Bill's Haus of Bluff

Bill’s Haus of Bluff
by @Chippy McChiperson

I started a thread when I knew I wanted to make customs, but didn’t yet have a clear direction (started on 6/19/15):

After many ideas (good and bad) I finally came up with a theme, "Bill's Haus of Bluff,” based on my name, Bill Kirchhausen, and the fact that I like to throw out the occasional bluff:

The crab is a tribute to my home – and the greatest state in the union – Maryland, and we stuck the green visor on the crab just because I thought it gave him a little panache. J5 came up with the reverse side of the inlay where the crab is peeking up from the bottom of the chip on his own and that sealed the whole concept for me. Being able to do a double-sided inlay for no upcharge at CPC is huge in my opinion. It’s not always appropriate, but when it is it can really put some sets over the top.

Here's the next thread where I got the inlays from J5 and started getting close to the finished product:

The first chip that I incorporated into the lineup was the fiver on 6/7/16, almost a full year after the process started, and the lineup wasn't complete until 8/17/16. I finally received the chips on 11/01/16, 21 months after I started the process, so I guess the moral of the story is to listen to Jimmy V when he says "Don't give up, don't ever give up!”

I’ve had the pleasure of spreading many games with these – including traveling with them to such illustrious locations as The Hitching Post and The SpeakEC – and I’m always thrilled when they’re well-received.

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My favorite customs. Sitting behind a wall of delicious yellow $5 crab chips is a feeling like none other!
Just an excellent chip set :-)
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