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Nov 6, 2014
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Just ordered it. Coming with Halo Masterchief and madden 15.

Not looking to buy any new games. What are some older, cheaper game's that I could consider.

Primarily sport's and first person action. ....sound off with "any" solid game's that you have played.



As of now we won't be getting online. That could change in the future.
I'd get Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Two of my favorite 360 games for sure!
I have the the xBox One. NHL 2015, GTA V, and WSOP Full House Pro are the only games I play on the console.
FYI, Xbox One is not backwards compatible. 360 games won't play.

That's weird they didn't make it backwards compatible. Guess I'll have to keep my 360 when I decide to get an Xbox one someday.
I want it just for the newest Killer Instinct. My wife bought Killer Instinct 2 for me in 1996 with my Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I was pissed that she didn't get Mario, but she said everywhere was sold out. We ended up playing the hell out of this game for years (still haff it). I was always Fulgore and she was always Orchid. At my age, I'd be getting systems just for a game or two as well.

My kids just got the x box one last week. NBA 2K15 is a favorite along with Forza Horizon. I never touch any of their video games.
I have been told that the COD Advanced Warfare campaign is actually quite good, I have played the multiplayer and it is fun, its COD with great graphics but waiting until I lose net when I move to do the campaign.

The Metro redux have been quite good, played about 4 hours of the first one and its been fun post apocalyptic first person action.

I wish fallout 4 would come out but its looking unlikely.

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