SOLD WTHC T25 2xbl. & T100 2x / St. Jo Frontier $100 1xbl. / Free Stuff [EU - shipping worldwide] (1 Viewer)

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Dec 28, 2022
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Köln, NRW, Deutschland
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Up for Sale:

SOLD__Lot1: 2 Barrels of WTHC T25 in perfect condition & 2 singles of WTHC T100 - 175€ plus shipping

SOLD__Lot 2:
1 Barrel of St. Jo's Frontier $100 in very good condition. They got stamped but the stamp was removed on both sides. Unfortunately I found 5 chips with minor cracks at the white middle spot (see pictures). Further there is minor warp. Other than that, they are totally sharp, stand all on edge and shuffle really smooth. - 235€ plus shipping

SOLD__Lot 3:
To clear out some space this all is for free, you just have to pay shipping and if you like you can tip. The Copaq Cards have never been used. I got it through different purchases as addons - free plus shipping and whatever you like to tip (but don't have to) :)

Chips are in Germany. Prices are in Euro, Payment in Euro via Paypal (Family & Friends or Goods & Service), Shipping worldwide with DHL
(e.g. US is around 12€, Germany around 5€ both without insurance or tracking).
All currency exchange fees, Paypal fees, customs and so on to the expense of the buyer.

Please respond dibs to this thread, pm me and ask anything you like :)

Lot 1:
Groß (IMG_2441).jpeg

Lot 2:
Groß (IMG_0389).jpeg

Groß (IMG_0442).jpeg

Groß (IMG_0443).jpeg

Groß (IMG_0852).jpeg

Groß (IMG_0444).jpeg

Groß (IMG_0385).jpeg

Lot 3:
Groß (IMG_2440).jpeg

All together:
Groß (IMG_2438).jpeg
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