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Nov 4, 2014
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I recently purchased a set of ASM plain mold "Late Night Chips" but am still quite a few short of a full tourney set.

Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks!

I bought my 510 set for 350 USD, so I'm looking to purchase any future chips at the rate of 0.7 per chip or 70 per rack.



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I don't think there are many sets of these floating around, yours is the only one I'm aware of. You could contact CPC to see if they are willing to make some more. Of course then you won't be getting them at $.70/chip, but that's kind of unrealistic to begin with IMO (different story when someone is desperate to sell, here you are asking to buy).
I also have never seen another set of these, I assumed it was a custom set belonging to an individual. As above, you'll be doing well getting any for $70/rack.
I think that this is a personal set, so you will be lucky to find any more at all, never mind at the price you want. They look like a nice set of chips - the colors look a bit like skittles. I do not know of ASM/CPC producing any stock chips other than the American Eagle chips, though I could well be wrong,

I recognise the green St Patrick's Day chip, as I have one. JimB did issue a few limited edition New Year/St Patrick's Day/Halloween commemorative chips which he sent to past customers and some people who responded to a thread on Old Blue (ChipTalk). These would be limited to a run of 100/200 chips or so.
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the info on this. I have contacted Jim and Dave and they appear willing and able to recreate this set so I can close it out.

Thanks so much!

I also agree that 70c/rack may be a little low, so it's good to grab that info from you all :)
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