Would MD-50 or MD-51 chips make a decent mixed mold set together with MD-44 Hub Mold? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 26, 2022
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I got a few hub mold chips coming my way and was thinking of maybe getting a bunch of hotstamps to make a set. Maybe even mill them, if it is homegame chips and not history.

Visually the DiaSqr mold (MD-50) and even more so the DiSqSq (MD-51) seem like a decent match in aesthetics and the inner ring diameter.

But i am only judging from pictures in the Robert Eisenstadts Archives... So what do i really know?

Is there anyone here that has a couple of old chips in these molds and can give me an idea of how well they really go together?
I don't have chips in all three molds, but I'd think they'd go well, since the "squares" in MD-50 and MD-51 look just like the shape of the hubs.
Yeah, that was exactly my thinking... A few seconds before thinking what a shame it is that i missed the huge bunch of solida that @kaimat had listed in the classifieds a few weeks ago.

But then i thought that maybe there is something that wouldn't work out like maybe MD-50 or MD-51 being a bit thicker and creating weird barrel sizes therefore. Or the weight and clay mixture of the vintage chips being very different... I mean even despite the optical resemblance they were made by three different manufacturers. And i figured if another opportunity comes up to snag these in quantity i would rather know before buying them and having them shipped and taxed to Germany :unsure:

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