SOLD CPC Aria tribute set (MD-50 mold) 300 chips for $350 (1 Viewer)

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Dec 6, 2016
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BC Canada
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1300 chips:

220 x T25 (Green w/ 3D14 Mandarin Red, DG Peach)
220 x T100 (Black w/ 8A14 DG Green, White)
200 x T500 (Purple w/ 4DSDA316 DG Tiger, DG Arc Yellow, Mandarin Red)
200 x T1000 (Canary w/ 4A14 Red, Charcoal)
200 x T5000 (Bright White w/ 8A14 Mandarin Red, DG Peacock)
160 x T25,000 (Retro Red w/ 2V12214 Light Blue, Charcoal)
100 x T100,000 (Gray w/ 4D14 DG Arc Yellow, DG Yellow)

300 chips left:

100 x T1k
140 x T25k
60 x T100k

300 CPC Aria.jpg

$350 shipped within CAN/US (overseas to inquire about costs). PP F&F, Venmo and likely other payment methods possible. Risk of loss is on buyer once dropped off at the PO.

I could probably sell a couple barrels of T25ks separately but not really interested in splitting the set up otherwise unless all is accounted for.

*New CPC color sample sets may not quite accurately represent the colors on these chips*

This is probably my favorite CPC mold. Not my own customs but I'm quite fond of them. If you're like me and don't have many ideas for your own customs these could be a nice way to get a CPC set at a lesser price. I believe the inlays come out relatively easily though I've never tried it myself.

Sure the yellow is well, more comparable to dirt than Paulson yellow but I figure most people know that. I didn't mind much really as I like a lot of the other chips.

Perhaps there's a way to make a tourney and a cash set out of these but I didn't have any ideas and couldn't figure out a full lineup that I liked. T5ks could make great $1s, T25ks looked good as $5s, that was about the extent of my creativity.

Chips were put in play a couple of times and only some of them. They were oiled before I acquired them. Not too many split spots. Pictures should be a pretty good indication but I can take a better look if anyone wants.

There are a few error T500 chips. My memory wants to tell me that 11 have 2 spot colors instead of 3. Not sure of others.

If there's no interest in the full set I'd consider selling something like a rack of each denom for a bit over half the price.

If I missed anything or there are any questions ask away. If you haven't seen any CPC chips before I'd suggest you get some inlaid samples before buying a full set. I don't have any spares of these but may be able to provide others if wanted.

Thanks for looking.


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These are great! The inlay is beautiful and neutral enough to use as is for the new owner.
Since my fascination with CPC's yellow has been highlighted the most I figure I should at least say that my favorite chip is the T5k. Such a lovely chip. CPC's bright white is much much better than just white.... which could possibly be compared to a lighter dirt as well :unsure: :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
I don't mean to crap on CPC's product either. I just thought I was being funny. To expect CPC yellow/canary to equal the Paulson equivalent is not accurate. However CPC bright white is similar to Paulson white.
These are amazing! If I wasn’t financially strapped these days, I’d not have let these slip to the classifieds. I’ve seen these in person and felt their awesomeness!

I’m still wondering if there is a way I can make $3k appear, but I can’t.

Absolutely stunning set of chips!
At $2.46 a chip shipped how are these possibly still here after ten seconds has passed. Incredible chips, mold, and price! Good luck. If I was a rich man……
Got some interest in bits and bobs here and there but no one for the full set yet. Split might be possible but everything has to be accounted for unless I'm left with a playable amount.
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