Who Manufactures the China Clay Poker Chips? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 28, 2013
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I know who sells China Clay chips, but does anyone know what company produces them? My search game is week as "China Clay" brings up a lot of hits.
Manufacturers might not call them China clay, part.

seems like that’s a bit racist though nowadays, even though “Chinese” is not a race.
In the US, according to the NIH


sorry for the hijack, you might have better results on Alibaba or possibly direct communication with some of the vendors or group buy organizers to find their contacts.

in the future, if we get in a fight with China, India and other places may be extremely open to new manufacturing opportunities, and if you get in early maybe you can steer their poker chip develop manufacturing efforts towards compression clay.
Hanxin Industry Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Yangming Entertainment Supplies Co., Ltd.
Yuyao Feifan Leisure & Entertainment Goods Co., Ltd.
Linhai Yuanhe Leisure Goods Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Yulei Crafts Co., Ltd.
Taishan Yexin Plastic Products Packing Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Jin Huang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Vast Gifts Co., Ltd.
Shengzhou Kaile Recreation Co., Ltd.
Cixi Shuangyuan Electric Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Delin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Keychain Gifts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
Those companies listed above are not all plastic chip manufacturers. Most Chinese companies offering poker chips are only distributors, and don't actually make the chips in-house.

There are two factories I know of -- Eastony Industries (spirit molds), and Ningbo Industries (initial source for GLOP chips). TCR, PGI, and Apache have never disclosed their Chinese factory sources.

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