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Mar 10, 2023
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Hi All,

In our weekly pub game we regularly have people say put out a stack for me (it's free entry). Which we do.

The discussion we are having is at what point do we remove the stack:
- At the end of late reg (1hr) if they haven't shown up? (some of our players are adamant that this is how it should be done)
- Leave it to be blinded out until the arrive, and declared dead if they haven't arrived by the final table?
- Only class the stack as forfeited if they then say they can't make it and remove the stack?
- Leave the stack to be blinded out and finishing position captured regardless if they show up or not?

Any thoughts are much appreciated. My gut leans towards the last one. Although if people start to abuse this then what do we do?

I also remove it at end of late reg. If I run a rebuy, I don't blind them out (as we do unlimited rebuys first hour and people have several rebuys anyways). If it's freeze out, I blind them out but if they're not there when late reg ends, the rest of the stack is removed.
In a free weekly pub game, I lean towards whatever is easiest for the dealer and floor (director). In these free tournaments where its mostly luckboxing and just having fun, I don't want a ghost stack to make it anywhere near the end, defeats the purpose of having these games: to bring people together to the pub/bar/whatever.

I don't care how adamant some of the players are when its a free game and people are coming late or not at all. In a paid tournament? Sure we can work out whats best for the player and for the game. In this? Take a penalty off the stack for every 30 mins (or whatever you choose) but don't put them on the table until someone comes and claims them.
Don't put stacks out for players that aren't there. If/when they show up, give them a full stack. Dead stacks give an advantage to the player to the right because they pick up a free BB whenever the blinds get a walk and incentivise the player to THAT person's right to attack the small blind knowing the BB can't call.
1. Player is blinded out until they show and if no show we remove the stack at the of the rebuy period if a player was confirmed (players coming are all confirmed)
2. Player who arrive 15min early receive an additional chip worth 10% of the starting stack like @doublebooyah85. That works wonders, people break their neck to arrive early.

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