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Not Mine When did Ebay get so stupid? (1 Viewer)


Royal Flush
Aug 8, 2016
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singles market has definitely gone up the last six months
New retirement plan. Go to Nevada. Source a rack of $1s from as many casinos as possible. And grab any snappers or odd denoms as I can.

Come home, sell all the chips I harvested for bargain prices of $25-$100 each. Profit. Repeat each quarter. Retire in 3 years! Easy peasy. LOL
So I chose the wrong time to get into the game?
The height of singles prices was around 2006-7 from what I hear. It was pre-recession, and most of the CCGTCC/CCA old guard were still alive and collecting. After that there was a steady decline until about 3-4 years ago. Prices stabilized for a bit. And now we have what you're seeing now.

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