What is this chip? Looks like ASM DSQ but... (1 Viewer)


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Jun 4, 2023
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Washington, D.C. area
Looks like ASM DSQ but...it has 2 squares for each diamond. In box that says S.F. Card Co. Anyone recognize it?

It is MD51 mold. Per Eisenstadt:

DIAMOND-SQUARE-SQUARE (DISQSQ) (or SQUARE-SQUARE-DIAMOND [SQSQDI]) -- a diamond and two squares (hubs), repeated 8 times. The story on this mold is similar to MD-50, above. It was owned by the Burt Co., and is now owned (but not currently used) by its successor, Atlantic Molding. They called it the "2 square-diamond" mold. Until about 1990 it was used by some foreign casinos. In its heydays it was used by Code and Co., Chicago IL; and San Francisco Card Co........... UPDATE: this mold is not in use anymore, has not been used to make chips in some 20 years. It was donated to the Nevada Historical Society and is on display there.

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