What casino do you wish would close or rebrand or rechip (1 Viewer)


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Apr 5, 2013
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I saw a chip on eBay I liked and looked it up on the chip guide and thought it would be nice if it closed/ rebranded/ redid it's chips so I could buy them at cheaper than face value
Not that I wish any casino ill fate I just like the chippies and am cheap


I know it's only 1$ but the rest of the set is really nice too

Which casino would you pick to get there chips
if I could get those ones in mint condition, I'd clean my $5 primaries for a nice starting cash game set basis !
Caesar's in AC...first place I played live poker. It is nostalgic, but that would be my choice. If based solely on look, well, there are just too many good looking chips.
Too many that have already contributed, and so many more that I would love to acquire. I will say Monaco, just to inject some high-roller action into the discussion.
I wish chips from Las Vegas were as available as Indiana or Washington chips...

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