Welcome to my Suited Kingdom


Two Pair
Feb 23, 2016
Calgary, Canada
That $1 is still one of my favourite cpc chips ever.

I’d also like to know when you are having that $100 chip made.

Sure you’ll likely never need one for play, I know I don’t, but I think we’d all like to see this happen :).
Easy solution...plaques with one suit in each corner.
So I've decided to create a $100 plaque. Looking for someone to lend a hand. I've no skills in that area and I've worked with P5woody but he's on a design break. I do like @Chippy McChiperson 's idea of a suit in each corner and go from there. I might literally draw some sketches and post them up for feedback.

As for my game, it's been going very strong, I just don't take many pics during and my lighting is poor so I don't want to give bad impressions of my chips lol. I might buy a light box and play around with it.
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