unbelieveable comp from Caesar's! (1 Viewer)


4 of a Kind
Aug 1, 2014
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Great White North
The other day I was sent an email from Caesar's in Windsor. It was telling me to book my free night's stay for what I thought was just august 21. So I phoned the hotel to talk in person to see if I could book the comp for another date because I'm in niagara that night. Turns out I'm entitled to - get this!
2 nights per week from now until the end of October! Holy Frack!
This will make getting more MGM quarters much easier! :p
If you have a total rewards card I would call and inquire to see if you can get something offered to you. As it stands I'm booking a few stays and will be visiting the Detroit zoo with the fam.
Nice, wish I could use my total rewards but nothing near me.

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