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Jun 12, 2023
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United Kingdom, Nottingham
Evening all, hope everyone’s well

I’m currently sat with a basic cheap poker set that came with a table I bought , looking to get myself a nice tournament set. And was wondering if anyone can give me some good recommendations on where to order from(even if it’s overseas)
You need to give us a little more to go on. Clay, ceramics, casino, fantasy, custom ?
Stating a budget is also important. Sky is the limit on how much you can spend and the definition of a ”nice set” on here differs quite drastically from the one of non chippers/to be chippers.

For a one table tourney set you need about 400 chips. You can get china clays or Tina ceramic chips for about $0.4-0.5/chip but could spend between $1-10/chip or even more for compression molded clay chips like Paulsons.

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