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Mr. Cheese

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Aug 8, 2013
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What TV shows does everyone like to watch?

Here's my list:
-House of Cards
-Walking Dead
-The Americans
-Orange is the New Black
-The Following

I just got done binge watching season two of House of Cards. I really hope they come out with a 3rd season. The problem with it being on netflix was I got to watch all 13 episodes back to back so now I suppose I have to wait another year lol.
Here's a few...

Alaska - The Last Frontier
Alaska State Troopers
Breaking Bad
Duck Dynasty (not so much this season though)
How Its Made
Walking dead
Game of thrones
Bates motel
Dexter (over now)
Breaking bad (also over)
I also like Big Bang theory for a quick laugh
Forgot about Bates motel and Duck Dynasty (I haven't watched it much this season either). I do like Pawn Starts too when nothing else is on and I'm looking for good background noise.
Haven't purposely had cable for over 15 years now. I just browse Netflix to try to find interesting shows. Must say that The Wire is possibly my all time favorite.
I have small kids so I get to watch mostly there shows but if I get to pick its
The Big Bang theory
Top chef
How I met your mother
I really just have the tv on for background noise, but I tend to lean towards documentaries and some reality shows...

Ask This Old House
Dual Survival
Chopped Canada
Doc Zone
The Passionate Eye
Hockey (Sens games on Sportsnet...otherwise, Hockey Night in Canada)
Motorcycle Experience (think Motorweek for bikes...very short season, though)

For scripted shows, the only one we watch is "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.". I've recorded it, but only started watching in with the kids over the past few weeks. Still catching up. I've also recorded "Helix", but haven't started watching it yet.

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