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Jul 2, 2013
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Both sets are great (in my opinion), just curious as to the opinions of others. I have too much time on my hands and I'm thinking of moving one of these sets out of "keeper set" status. The Tropicana's (in my set) are in much better condition than the Dunes, but otherwise it's just personal preference I guess. Las Vegas house mold chips, blue $1's, etc. Which set would you keep in "keeper set" status? Both sets have been meticulously sorted for consistent wear throughout the set. For me, I'm not sure which set is 1 and which is 1a.

IMG_20200418_222803940 (2).jpg
If you have enough 1's keep the Dunes. More interesting looking label with shapes starting at the 5's. The 25's are equally uninteresting in both sets. No spots on the Trop 1's.
I have about the same amount of $1's in both sets - around 180 each. I forgot about the shaped inlay piece, that is nice with the Dunes. However the Tropicana set is a much brighter set. I agree both $25's are OK at best, with the Dunes $25 being better. I honestly like the solid $1's. I go back and forth on which set I prefer.
Love the Trop $5. But for me, Dunes has the edge in everything else.
I have about the same amount of $1's in both sets - around 180 each. I forgot about the shaped inlay piece, that is nice with the Dunes. However the Tropicana set is a much brighter set. I agree both $25's are OK at best, with the Dunes $25 being better. I honestly like the solid $1's. I go back and forth on which set I prefer.
The Dunes $25 could be better, but it's a 818 with a lighter spot. The Tropicana $25 is a real downer in the set IMHO. If it had a brighter spot, I think the Tropicana would be better, but still behind the Dunes.
Sophie's Choice. Well, not quite that bad. lol

Quick, gun to your head and you can only save one set from destruction - choose or die!

I say don't choose. Keep bo.. :dead:
I typically only have a barrel or two of the $25's in play (cash game dominated by $5's), and then switch to $100's. The Tropicana $25 is rough, but the $100 is nice. The $100 is nice in both sets.
I came to this thread with every intention of typing in Dunes but looking at them together, it's Tropicana for me.

I actually find the inlay as a negative when comparing the two sets. Both are obviously iconic Vegas casino properties yet one has a golf logo - yes I know why but still, that's a minus for me. The higher-end Dunes might have better spots but as a cash player, I'm looking at $100 & down so they're not that far apart there either.
Because the Dunes (well, both sets) are sorted for consistency it doesn't bother me at all that the Dunes have more wear. The $1's-$100's stack even when stacked 20 high (truth be told the $100's are a hair higher when stacked 20 high - but that never happens in my cash games). The picture below is of random stacks. With consistent wear on the $1's and $5's I don't even notice or care that the Dunes have more wear. But when comparing sets, it is a difference to consider.

I have to give the Dunes the advantage here, although I wouldn't refuse to play at a table stacked with Tropicana's, of course :)
The work horse chips in my game are the 1's and 5's. I prefer those chips in the Tropicana's. Hell, I LOVE the Trop fives. Honestly, you can't lose with either choice.
Tropicanas for me. Condition matters too much to me, and I like the simplicity of the Trops. Dunes $1s are generally beat to hell, and the Dunes $25s are just ugly. Otherwise the Dunes are pretty cool, and they do have a classic inlay, but then again, so do the Trops.

Trops > Dunes for me
I couldn't pick one over the other until I saw the photo of stacks in post #11. Condition is the tie breaker for me. I can rationalize just about everything else.
Trops here, simply because they haven't been cheapened by knock-off "commemorative" chips (yet).
That was my initial thought too. The dunes set has been knocked off so many times that dunes chips no longer look interesting to me. I’ve said the same thing about the 4V418 spot pattern - it should be the best ever, but when you see it everywhere, it gets tired.
I should love the Tropicana inlay (just based on my tastes) but it feels a bit weak to me. Partly because the denominations are kind of obscure and partly because the whole thing is just, I dunno, not bold?
And the spot patterns on the Dunes are more interesting. Bottom line is that they’re close. I guess I’d have to give the Dunes a slight edge overall, but if you asked me which I’d rather own and/or play with, it’s Tropicana hands down.
Also, this whole thread is kind of a humble-brag. Poor you - stuck with both of those sets.
I’d keep the Dunes, but it really isn’t an easy choice. Tie breaker for me would be the inlays on the Dunes.
I think the Tropicana $1s have a much better color blue, Dunes $1 is too dark for me.
Dune's $5, $25 , and $100 are all better for me vs. the Trops

Overall I say Dunes. I wouldn't mind mixing the sets if the wear was the same, but I guess only if I was unable to get a full set of either.
Tough call, if looking at just the four denominations of each set ($1, $5, $25, $100).

I've never been a big fan of the 1989 Dunes golf inlay (or any of the dozens of knockoff variants), and most of the nicest chips in that set are the higher denominations ($500+). The mold is outstanding, but the colors/spots on the 1-100 chips are just sorta average, nothing spectacular (the $100 is easily the best of the four). Shaped inlays on the $5 and higher denominations, plus a spotted $1 are pluses.

The 1972 Tropicana set always felt weird to me -- it was one of the very first made by Paulson, and it just feels different than their later products. The mold is just okay, and the colors/spots are nothing special, except for the excellent $100. Shaped inlays on the $25 and $100, with a great classic inlay design, although the denominations are not particularly easy to read. I much prefer both the 1968 TRK scrown and 1979 hot-stamped THC sets over this one.

For me, if wanting a four-denomination old-school Vegas cash set, I would unload both of these and get something better. I sold both of mine.
I lean (heavily) toward the Tropicanas. I think if I ever try to find a better home for one of these sets it will be the Dunes. But it's nice to see that it's not an obvious choice.
I'm quite okay with casino used chips, and I've owned both sets at one point or another. For me, the Dunes wins out.

For what it's worth, I still have both the Dunes $5's and the Trop $100's in my inlaid Nevada set.
Dunes hands down imho:
Shaped inlays starting at the $5.
Better spots and progression.
$500 and $1000.
Golf themed inlay.

Small counterpoints:
The Tropicana $1 blue is nicer.
Fountain is a classy look.
Big counterpoint: the Tropicana fountain logo is *the* classiest look of the time. Understated but beautiful.

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