TRK old school denomination hot stamp? (1 Viewer)


Nov 14, 2014
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Washington, DC
Who currently owns the TR King denomination hot stamps? I know I saw a thread on this but can't remember if someone owns the original stamps or had stamps made in that style. Any idea if there is a ¢5¢ stamp?

Example here on BCC chips:

TR King denomination hot stamps on BCC chips.png
He's got the originals and retired them, but not to worry, we worked together on a full reproduction of the stamps with lots of denoms.
How much would it cost to design ¢5¢? I've been invited to an occasional NL game with some folks that play .05/.10 but they have really shit chips. I said I could bring mine but I don't have anything below .25 so was thinking to get some solid CPCs to add to my existing set.

BTW great work on the existing TRK style set. A real service to all chippers.
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