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Jul 12, 2020
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If you havent seen already I have a Wanted ad up


for a primary set that very well looks like I will have to build piece by piece.

So here's the ask.

Is there something from the secondary sale that might motivate to move on the necessary pieces I need to put together my primary set?

Perhaps a rack of black NCV in leiu of primary $100s you had planned to murder and relabel?

A rack of green NCVs because you dont like the primaries?

Secondary $500s instead of primary $1ks?

Secondary $25s instead of primary $500?

Obviously I haven't secured any chips yet and none of this is binding but PM your thoughts so at least I can have some direction where to direct my efforts in potentially securing extra racks and or asking some friends with some assists.


Edit. Update. A secondary set has been procured with an addon rack of black 39mm NCVs. Looking to trade the NCVs for primary $100s that may have been heading to the chopping block. Hit me up if this can work for you.

Also open to other trades for primary chips if your looking to make the switch to secondary.
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