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May 1, 2024
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What kind of structure would generate the largest prize pool? Would it be double stack rebuy+add-on?

For example:
Entry 100€ 10k chips
Rebuy 100€ 10k chips
Add-on 100€ 20k chips
Rebuy allowed whenever player has 10k chips or less. Add-on at the end of rebuy period and it is 2x value so easily worth it and most will buy it.

So it is still a "100€" tournament so players with lower budget could come in and take a shot, also it does not sound as expensive as 300€ re-entry even tho if you buy in full and take the add-on its instantly still 300€.

I think a tournament like that would in general get bigger player and prize pool compared to normal 200€ re-entry.

And if course the tournament will start early in the day with the rebuy/latereg being open for many levels. This would be one of the biggest tournaments around here and the structure would be long so it is not a problem that the stacks get deep.

I'm just thinking about general psychology and players interests to get biggest prize pool. If the buy-in was higher it would cut a lot of players but 100€ rebuy seems fine and the players who want to play big are able to buy a lot of chips with money.
You need to think in terms of big blinds and not stack size if trying to estimate buy-in/re-buy tendencies, stack/re-buy costs, and the resulting total prize pool.

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